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I know I’m probably the last person you want to see on your dash right now, but I figured I owe you all an apology.

I know. I’m a total cunt. I fucked you all over big time, and I acted like the biggest prick on the planet. I probably am the biggest prick on the planet, actually. I wouldn’t blame you if you never wanted to hear from me again, which is why I’m staying away from the RP.

I just want to publicly apologise to anyone that I’ve hurt, pissed off, lied to, bitched about, fucked over, and made a total fucking idiot out of.

I’m a liar and a cunt, and I probably won’t change.

I’m sorry I wasted all of your times. I’m sorry I acted like you weren’t even important. Fyi, you’re all fucking important, and I’m just too fucking stupid to see that; again, I’m a total cunt.

Feel free to unfollow my accounts - which you’ve probably all started to do already - unfriend me off of Facebook, unfollow my personal tumblr, delete my phone number, and so on and so forth.

I won’t fuck you around anymore.

I’m sorry.

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Send me a ✎ and I’ll have my character hand-write a small letter to you.
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*he drags a chair over, and sits down as close to Harry as he dares* “Okay… but you do have to take the present I gave you.” *he pulls the gift out of his pocket; it’s really horribly wrapped, but this was the seventh and best attempt*

…Seventh? -he quirks an eyebrow as he sits himself up properly and takes the gift from Steve- Didn’t your Mom ever teach you to wrap a gift properly? -he holds it in his hands, looking down at it for a few moments, before turning his attention back to Steve- …I almost don’t want to open it, seeing as you put that much time and effort into it…Seven attempts. Really?

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“You got outsmarted by me, Mr Osborn, how d’you feel?” *laughs* “Happy birthday.”

Ssssh. People might hear." -he rests his head on the desk, given that they’re in the library and the librarians already glaring at him for the fact that his phone went off- “…They might fuss, I don’t want fuss.

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captain-applepie replied to your post: Text: Don’t like birthdays? -Capt.

“That’s okay, it was just a clever ploy to get your text alert to go off. Hi there.”

…You’re a butt.

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Text: Don't like birthdays? -Capt.

[TEXT] …It’s a thing, I don’t really wanna talk about it. [/ENDTEXT]

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Text: Don't be such a dork, it's your birthday, be happy! Okay, I'm comin' for ya. You've got three minutes to hide from me. -Capt.

[TEXT] …But I don’t like birthdays…Okay, I’m hiding… [/ENDTEXT]

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